Gardening and Agriculture

I was born and raised on a farm and because of this agriculture has always had a special place in my heart. I love writing about agriculture and did a lot of pieces during college on farming. I also love to be in my garden and work on the farm. Here are a few of my thoughts as well as some updates on my garden!

Agriculture workers are happier than most…
Animal Welfare
Farmer= Small Business Owner
Garden Planting…2014
Garden 2014: Post 2, I think I am finally growing pumpkins!
Garden 2014 – Post 3 – sure looks pretty!
Garden 2014 … Post 4
2014 Garden Post 5 …Greenbeans!
Garden 2013 – Planting
Garden is Growing
Garden 2013: Post 3
Garden 2013: Post 4
Garden 2013: Post 5 – We have Cucumbers!!
Garden 2013: Post 6 – Joys of Ohio Weather
Garden Post 7 -Garden Bears Fruit. Canning Time!!
HSUS… Not What You Think
Local food every week…CSA
Our Backbone
Thank a Farmer
Without Agriculture…


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