First pick of the garden!

I finally am home from my vacation and the garden finally dried up enough for me to get into it yesterday and weed everything again. Mawma helped me maintain the garden as much as she could while I was gone, but it was still quite a task yesterday.

1012348_10152957728790290_1865107364_nThe good news?? We finally have cucumbers! They were a little big, ok a lot big when I got home. However, there are a lot more coming on. Thursday evening I image_8picked a ton of cucumbers and since them I have eaten cucumbers in more ways than I can count. I will post a new recipe soon!

The cucumber plants are also really growing still. The first crop of plants are the ones producing right now. The second crop of plants are still doing well and hopefully will start producing in another 3-4 weeks when the first crop slows down a bit. All in all, the cucumbers are growing really well! As you can see in the picture to the left, the first crop in closest to the bottom and the second crop is closest to the top of the picture.


image photoWe finally have a few tomatoes starting to turn red, cherry tomatoes that is. We still don’t have any regular red tomatoes, but boy do we have a ton of green tomatoes! I hope they don’t all hit at once or we will be making salsa a bit earlier than anticipated.

The little yellow cherry tomatoes (pictured to the right) that we transplanted before I left are growing super fast!

The heirlooms are also doing really well. After I got them all staked and tied up, I weeded and hoed image_11image_1around the plants. Hopefully this will help them grow even better and faster!

We are going to have so many tomatoes we won’t know what to do with them all! However, after just coming back from Europe, I think many many many Caprese Salads are in my near future! Just give me a little bit of fresh mozzarella and a garden full of tomatoes and I am set for a while!



image_2Next up, the peppers! If you remember, we had baby peppers at one time that we took off the plant so it would continue to grow big and strong. Well, what a good decision that was.

Now all of the pepper plants are super tall and growing so many peppers I can’t keep up! It is a little hard to see in this picture but all of the plants have at least 10 peppers growing if not more! Some are getting to be a really good size even!


image_3I have had experience in growing many things in the garden. Celery is not one of those things.

So I was so happy to see that our celery is really taking off and looking really great!

My grandma keeps telling me as soon as the plant starts to change color we have to tie up the top. When will that be? Who knows. But I am watching very carefully to make sure I do not mess this up!


image_7If you have been following my gardening blog, you know that the beans are what I am so excited over. I came home to find that something had eaten the flowers off of many of our first crop of beans! I am hoping some of them will still produce but we may end up not having much from the first crop of beans. Luckily, the second crop is still looking really good. We will probably be planting a third crop of beans to try and make up for what we may miss out on with the first crop. Needless to so I am a little disappointed. But hopefully some of the first crop hangs in there with me and gives me just enough to keep me satisfied!

image_6image_5The melons are all doing really good now that Mawma scared away Mr. Rabbit after the first go around.

We even have a baby watermelon!! I can’t wait until it is finally full grown and we can cut into it!

The cantaloupe is also really starting to span out and take off. No baby melons yet, but hopefully soon!

They are freshly weeded and prepared to grow even more after yesterday!

The carrots and radishes are still growing away! The raspberries produced while we were gone I managed to sneak in the last 10 or so berries in the season. They were scrumptious! Now it is up to the plants to do some more growing. Hopefully by next time we will have some tomatoes and beans!!




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