Finally, the garden is planted.

With the crazy wet spring we have had, my garden has been sitting in the corner. Every time it almost got dry enough it either rained or we had frost! The forecast showed 7 days of rain coming so I knew if we couldn’t do it yesterday, there was no garden for spring.

gardenThis is about half of the size of the garden. There are tomatoes and cucumbers by our fruit trees. We also planted carrots, melons, celery, peppers and green beans! When you are planting, a few good things to know: Tomatoes and cucumbers do well next to each other. But do not put your cucumbers next to your melons. The flavors could potential rub off on each other and none of us want that! Green beans are great to plant several crops of. So what I like to do it create a very long area. Then I plant 1/3 of the seeds in 2 rows in 1/3 of the long area. This way the second crop continues right after the first and the third crop with the second. This makes it easy to know which crop is the newest. Another trick is when you are planting, make sure you leave labels somewhere near the product. Even different types of tomatoes should be labeled, especially if you plan on canning. Because certain tomatoes are better for certain things. You will thank yourself for doing this later!


Can’t wait to start seeing the fruits of my labor.


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