Garden 2014 Post 2 – I think I am finally growing pumpkins!

So it has been too wet to get back in the garden other than to just try and weed the tomato, pepper  and cabbage plants as well as possible. No corn has been planted yet and we are getting way late in the year! But we will have corn eventually….hopefully. However, when I was out weeding, I found the starts of many pumpkins on my mounds! Every mound has at least a few pumpkin plants started and some have 5 or 6! With all the varieties I planted, I don’t know how they will all raise compared to the other, but we will soon enough know! Below is one of the mounds that have 5 plants coming up! They are all looking very nice!image

The greenbeans have shot up as well! Can’t complain about that. Now as long as we can keep the hungry critters from them, we should have a great crop of beans!image_1We also have our first green tomato! Not many yet and very small tomatoes period, but hey I have fruit started! image_2image_3







The cabbage and lima beans are also both looking really good so far this year. For never doing lima beans before I wasn’t sure exactly how quick they would be up, but you can already see beans forming!

image_5 image_4







So far, the garden is going great! I cannot wait to get in and get the corn planted and also get the rest of the garden weeded well. I don’t want those little buggers getting ahead of me! Stay tuned for planting of corn and hopefully harvesting of many goodies!


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