Garden 2014 – Post 3

Well until this past weekend, I was able to keep up with the garden very well on my own. But Saturday night I was in a car accident and am struggling with my right shoulder. So I had to get some help from the daddy and the grandma last night. BUT the garden is looking so beautiful!

We planted some cucumbers both from seed and a few starter plants. Both of which are coming along great! I know it is so much later in the year than normal. Last year we had cucumbers already! But I can’t complain because they are growing even with all the heat!

IMG_2017 IMG_2016







We started pumpkins from seed as well. And if you are following my blogs you know that I am growing pumpkin vines great! Here is a picture of my “row” of pumpkins! There are a few other mounds as well, but this was the good shot!


Lima beans have taken off. Some of the beans rotted a bit with all the water but most of them are still doing great!

IMG_2015Our melons are also looking good. Once again we planted some from seed and some from starter plants and we are looking like we may have some good melons!!

IMG_2022 IMG_2018







Greenbeans anyone? Because we are going to have a ton. Look how beautiful our row looks? I can’t wait for them to bloom so I know beans will be coming on!

IMG_2021Our pepper plants are doing great. This picture isn’t the best because they were a bit thirsty when I took it. But we have picked the first baby peppers off the plants and they are already growing again!

IMG_2024Our tomato line is doing great!


For dinner on Monday we actually had our first grape tomato and one small regular tomato! They were both delicious, sweet and fresh from the vine. It doesn’t get any better than that. Now to just get some more to turn red! We have some green ones that I know are so ready to!

IMG_2026 IMG_2027







Cabbage is doing good as well. And last night we finally got  our corn planted. Yes I know, way late. But hey once it gets a few inches tall and we get fertilizer on it, it will be fantastic! I cannot wait to see if we can be successful corn growers or now. We have two rows planted, so if we can grow it, we will have a ton! All in all, the garden is looking gorgeous and ready to produce! Bring on a little rain!


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