Garden 2013: Adding to the craziness!

So last night we added even more to our little garden. We decided to add some cabbage, more melons and more cucumbers. So now we are going to have a ton of everything when they start producing! We also planted our second crop of greenbeans!

So for the updates. Our tomatoes are doing really well. We have used stakes for most of them. Some are still a bit small. We also have some baby cherry tomatoes growing in a pot that are almost ready to transplant into the garden.

photoThe radishes have really taken off as well. We got all the weeds out around them and they are looking great!

image_2We originally had 6 cucumber plants. Last night we added an additional 6 cucumber plants! Needless to say we will have a lot of cucumbers! Luckily they are in different stages of growth so some will start early and some will produce late.

image_3As I mentioned in the last post, we planted two rows of greenbeans to start. Last night we planted a second planting so we have beans producing longer. In another two weeks, we will be planting a third crop of beans. The picture below is of the first crop of beans. They are really coming up. We finally had a chance to get into the garden once it dried up and weeded around them and loosened the dirt up. So they should start growing even better now!

image_4In my last post I mentioned how our peppers already had baby peppers producing. Luckily, I am blessed with many friends in the agricultural community. One of which told me I needed to take those baby peppers off. Why? “If the plant thinks it needs to put energy towards fruit production then it might inhibit the growth of the plant itself.” So I went out and got those baby peppers off! The plants are still doing great and growing well! It is nice having friends in high places :)!

image_6Celery is starting to really grow now as well. This is one of those plants I have never had experience with. So it should be an interesting one. So far all looks well! Hopefully I don’t kill them!

image_7We had some melons we had planted round one. Well Mr. Bunny decided he needed to make breakfast of most of them. We still had a few original ones, but we planted some new melons last night. My grandma has officially threatened Mr. Bunny’s life. So hopefully we will be good and he doesn’t eat the new ones.


Our carrots are also starting to peak through the soil. We haven’t been able to weed this area because it has been too hard to decipher where the carrots were. So hopefully next week we can get the weeds out. But here is one of the first bundles of carrots coming up! They are the fern looking leaves in the cluster in the middle. Ignore the weeds!


Last night we also planted cabbage for the first time. Two different kinds, a purple and a white cabbage. Becca, my little sister, is looking forward to this!

image_11Lastly, I wanted to update you all on the raspberry plants. As I mentioned last post, we haven’t had so much luck with these over the past few years. This year, now that I am home, I made it my mission to not let the weeds take them over. So far they are looking fantastic!

imageNow the garden looks fantastic and is all weeded and freshly tilled again! Until next time!



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