Garden: The Joys of Ohio Weather

Welcome to Ohio! Where the weather does what it wants, when it wants, for how long it wants! The first two weeks of July were extremely wet and very cool compared to the normal. We were having nights in the high 50’s! Because of this, most everything continued to grow very well (including weeds!), but it was impossible for me to get into the garden. We did lose a few tomato plants on the wet end of the garden because it was just too wet, but for the most part, everything hung in there. This week it decided to be hotter than normal! In the 90’s every day with humidity levels in the 50% and higher range. Shew is it hot! Luckily, this dried the garden out crazy fast!

Last night when I got home from work, I went to work on what was a very weed-filled garden! I started by restaking and tying up the tomatoes. So many had grown so much they were knocking the original stakes over! After I got all of the tomato vines off of the ground, I began my work weeding away. After about an hour, I was dripping wet and dad was hungry, so I took a break and we ate dinner. Then I headed back out to finish which only took me a little over another hour. So two long hours in this heat to weed the garden. Seems like a lot! The sad part is, I didn’t do as detailed of a job as I normally do, I was just trying to get it done. While I hoed, Becca (my little sister) and my grandma were picking the vegetables. Dad, he ate them before I could even get them to the house!

image_4 image_6So for the yummy updates. Since cucumbers started producing first we weren’t sure how long we would have those.

Well our second crop of cucumbers are now producing and our first crop has started to flower again and has baby cucs on them! We have had more cucumbers than we knew what to do with. We are picking around 5 a day, sometimes more!

image_5image_7Next up, the tomatoes! We have red ones, orange ones, yellow ones and green ones. We have so many tomatoes they are falling off the plants! We have mainly beefsteak tomatoes and red cherry tomatoes right now, but we also have a few heirloom tomatoes that are ripe, and I took the liberty of eating :). We have a lot more coming on strong though!


image_13 image_12The little yellow cherry tomatoes that we transplanted into the garden are growing like crazy as well. They are starting to get decent size tomatoes. Won’t be long and we will have fruit of those vines!

The red cherry tomatoes as you can see are doing just wonderful! Lots of color on the vines and this picture was taking after dad and Becca ate all the ripe ones!


image_8 image_3


The peppers have been doing so well, we have been having to pick some green ones just to keep the bushes from getting to heavy! Mawma has been eating all the fresh ones and they are looking really good. We have a few that are finally starting to turn red!

I trust her when she tells me they are delicious! I wouldn’t know because I don’t think there is such a thing as a delicious pepper!

Green beans! AHHH Green beans! We finally have some, and off of our first crop. The one the deer ate and we didn’t think would produce! And for the first time yesterday, I had fresh green beans cooked with yummy bacon! Delicious! I am ready for more!

The plants have more on them too so I am just waiting patiently so I can have more after we finish this first batch off.image_9image_11image_10

image_14 image_2Watermelons anyone? We have so many little ones started and a few decent size melons! I am excited to get into one of them!




image_1The cantaloupe is also starting to finally vine out and it is looking pretty good!

photoThe celery has shot up. It is really tall now! The tops are just starting to lighten in color, so before long we will have to tie them down so they continue to produce, or so my grandma says!


imageLast but not least, the cabbage and carrots are both still growing. We picked one carrot just to see where they are at last night and we have baby carrots under the soil! The cabbage is also finally starting to produce small cabbages in the center. So that is a good thing as well.




So as you can see, the garden is still growing like crazy. And so are the weeds! I hope to get back out and weed and hoe some more by the end of this week. The raspberries really need it! Maybe next time we will have a watermelon!



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