Our Backbone

Local food has become a huge phenomenon in the last decade. So why isn’t our government helping our local, small farmers maintain local production? In today’s economy many are struggling. With this being the case, why is our government still importing tomatoes from Mexico? Why are they still importing cucumbers from Canada? We have to capabilities to produce what our country needs to survive when it comes to certain products. Local produce is one of those products. Are they more expensive in the very beginning? Yes, they will be. But if our country would start supporting AMERICAN citizens then slowly these products would become cheaper. Small farmers that are producing this safe and local food are doing it for the people of this country, so why are the people of our government not helping them?

It is necessary in any economy, any country for trade to be a vital part of partnerships with other countries. However, why are we importing their food and helping their economies thrive before we even have control of our own economy? Our country is in a desperate state. When we were in this economic state during the Great Depression, it was our government who finally realized we needed to focus more on the economic growth of our own economy before we could help others. Why aren’t we doing that now? If we focused a little more money on perhaps providing our school systems with local, fresh produce we would provide farmers with an outlet. If our retail stores became less focused on Mexican produce and more focused on buying American produce, our farmers would be able to make an income. The backbone of our country has always been farmers and agriculture. If we do not focus our attention on helping those people out, our country will not come out of this depression well.

Agriculture was the foundation of this country and it is still the number one industry. Agriculturalists have some of the hardest, most backbreaking jobs in our economy. They are going to be the people who will once again pull our country through. With the rich history of what our farmers have done to save this country, you would think that our country would be more apt to help out that backbone. We as a community have to start fighting for our farmers and for our industry. They are our future and our main hope to make it through this depression without more damage than we are already enduring. What can you do to help? Go to your local farmers’ market. Buy your meat from a local farmer and have it slaughtered at a local slaughterhouse. Buy local hay and straw to feed and bed the stalls of your pets and 4-H projects. Help promote a local farmer to your local restaurants and stores.  It is up to us. So can we count you in?


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