HSUS…..it isn’t what everyone thinks.

“Humane society.” The words call to mind images of sick, starving puppies and kittens in shelters waiting for a family to take them in. “Humane Society of the United States.” Do you get the same image? I did once, but I don’t any more. There are two Humane Societies, and the similarities between them end at their names. Your local humane society – the good guys – try to rescue and save animals by bringing them in and trying to find them homes. The Humane Society of the United States is a for-profit organization worth millions of dollars whose main focus is to end animal agriculture. Are you still getting the same picture?

Most of you have probably heard of animal rights activists. Have you ever heard of an animal welfare activist? I didn’t think so. That’s probably because most people think the terms are interchangeable. News flash! They’re not. Animal welfare is just what it sounds like – doing what’s best when you care for your animals, something all good farmers strive for. Animal rights is a radical belief taken on by extremists, such as the HSUS, that means people will no longer be able to own or use animals for their personal gain. This means no more pets, and no more livestock.

One of the HSUS’s main goals in passing animal agriculture legislation is to establish “humane farming practices”. How does the HSUS decide what are humane practices, and what are not? According to this quote by Wayne Pacelle, they make it all up: “Like any kind of sophisticated political operation, you use the best research tools in order to drive your message…but in terms of our policy formulations, I can’t think of a time that we’ve done research.” In addition to this shocking lack of factual evidence behind their proposed regulations, Michael J. Fox, HSUS’s Senior Scholar, has decided that “the life of an ant and that of [his] child should be granted equal consideration”? These are thoughts from the people trying to enforce regulations on our industry.


One thought on “HSUS…..it isn’t what everyone thinks.

  1. We are stewards of land and livestock and properly manage our cattle to the benefit of the animal to reach the potential for which it was created by God, as food. As for those who think that animals have the same rights as human beings, check your own homes for not only animal by-products but plant products. If you wear cotton you are abusing that plant and I am offended! (Yes, that was sarcasm and it sounded as foolish to you as your arguements for animal rights do to me.) No creature should be abused or tortured, but each should be used for the purpose for which it was created.
    Note: Check out how many people work for the non-profit. Most are crated with long-term employment in mind.

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