Garden 2014 – Post 4

The garden finally dried up enough that this weekend I could get in and try and clean up the damage from the weeds and from the crazy storms! We lost the cabbage and a few tomato plants because of the storms. But everything else seemed to fair ok.

The lima beans have grown a ton and we should be seeing them producing here soon. image image_1







The corn has finally shot up enough that we could fertilize it as well. So we got the weeds pulled and then fertilized both rows. I hope it grows quickly! We were way behind on planting it.image_2I am so excited! Our greenbeans are looking fabulous and we should have some very soon! Look how beautiful!image_3The tomatoes were hit pretty hard in the first storm. Many of them were beat to the ground and then drowned out. But we were able to save most of them and we have a lot of green fruit on the plants which is even better! We have had just a few red ones that we have been enjoying while weeding, hopefully soon that number will grow!image_4 image_5 image_6Pepper plants are coming along nicely. I picked several banana peppers and a few smaller bell peppers to get the plant free again.I don’t like peppers but Mawma says they are delicious 🙂image_7Our melons and pumpkin vines have grown like crazy in the last few weeks!  The melons are flowering so maybe we will see the start of some melons soon! We are hoping the pumpkins keep growing too. image_8 image_10







Our cucumbers are finally producing! We already enjoyed 1 and we have a few more small ones on the vines! I cannot wait for them to keep producing. image_9After the garden was weeded it looked great again! Now let’s just hope for a good growing season without storms from now on!

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