2014 Garden Update – We have greenbeans!!

july3 We have had such a perfect year for a garden. Even though we got it in a little let because of the crazy wet spring, it has grown wonderfully.

Our corn is coming up nicely. It is a nice dark green and has shot up since we fertilized it. Looking great, even if planted late!

The tomato plants are coming along nicely. We have lost some to the blossom end rot but we have a ton of green ones that are waiting to ripen. We have had a ton of cherry and pear tomatoes ripen well and have enjoyed those. We have had a few of the bigger ones ripen, but I cannot wait for the rest to ripen!

Pepper plants are as always producing beautifully. I wish I liked peppers because I sure know how to grow them!


Our watermelons are growing! We have several decent sized ones and lots of baby ones starting. We also have our first very tiny start of a pumpkin! A little early so hopefully it survives.


Greenbeans are finally ready! We had so many ready we picked two bags and left some smaller ones to pick again this weekend. But we have tons of greenbeans now! We snapped beans for Bec to take back to Florida and for me and Mawma to of course indulge with!

image_3 july







We have had a ton of cucumbers and there are even more growing. They sure are delicious.

Raspberries have had a great growing season. I have been able to pick about 20 every other night 🙂


The lima beans and cantaloupes are still growing great but nothing to pick yet.

All in all the garden is doing great this year. Looking good and providing deliciousness! july2 july4

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