Garden 2014 – Planting

After a very wet spring, I finally have the garden tilled and planted. It is going to be a late year for crops, but I was happy to just get it all planted. I was lucky enough (or made the mistake of, depending on how you look at it) to send my dad to get everything to plant. He went……well…..just a bit over board! Let’s just say if everything produces well, we will have more tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins than we could every possibly use! Not to mention the cabbage and lima beans we also planted! I didn’t get the corn planted yet, that is on this weekends agenda, but we will hopefully, successfully grow sweet corn this year as well! Fingers crossed that we learn something about sweet corn this year!

So summary or what we have planted. Green beans, which in just over a week are already several inches above the soil! They have sprouted very quickly. Tomatoes, which are all in different stages off production at this point. Some very small and some that are already staked for further growth. We have 6 varieties, including some grape tomatoes as always. Melons, both cantaloupe and watermelons are planted in their separate mounds and ready to grow! Cucumbers, which if you remember last year, we were very effective at growing! We have several mounds of them this year as well. We also have lima beans, which I have never tried before, so lets hope for some good production this year! Cabbage plants are also in the ground ready to start working their magic. Last but not least are pumpkins.  We bought a bunch of seeds last year and never got them planted. So this year we have more than 10 mounds of pumpkins. Let’s just say if all the seeds produce, we will have pumpkins for everyone! Stay tuned for that!

So all in all, I am just happy to have it planted this year….doesn’t it look beautiful?



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