Farmer = Small Business Owner

Yesterday was an event that Ohio Farm Bureau puts on every year called Ag Day at the Capitol. This event helps members from around the state connect with their state legislators. This year at Ag Day there was a legislator panel that was set up to answer the questions of the group. One of the legislators, Senator Hite, said something that I had never really quite put together. Legislators keep talking about wanting to save all of the small business, but many aren’t thinking that this includes farms as well. Farms are just as much a small business as anything. When he said that as a general assembly, they need to focus on saving ALL small business, including farms, that really got me thinking.

Then today I received an email from my father, who is a Nationwide Insurance Agent. Take a look!

Survive Feb 2011AgVisor(v2)

Who will survive in agriculture this year? Farms that are run like a business operation. Many farmers think that are running their business like this. However, maybe you should share this newsletter with them. Some of the ideas that are discussed make up most farms and business today. But I really like some of the points about what comprise a working business today. My favorite line is that “If it grows too fast, it’s a weed.” How true is that statement. Our economy is pushing so many farmers to either go big or get out. Unfortunately, going big is pushing some farmers out anyways. We need to take care of our farms like we would a small business. We need to keep it balanced. In order for the agriculture industry to continue to be number one in our state, we need to help maintain the small family farms around our state and country.

Another step in doing this is political. How you ask? Be proactive with your legislators to repeal the estate tax. Without the estate tax in place, many more family farms will continue to be just that, FAMILY FARMS. It is our job to keep our industry strong. It is time to do something about it. We cannot just wait for someone to milk everything small farmers have.


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