HSUS Not What You Think….Part 2

Here’s another thought for you: “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” This quote came from J.P. Goodwin, one of the HSUS’s senior directors and a former member of the Animal Liberation Front. This is one of many statements that show’s HSUS’s two-faced nature. The HSUS tells its supporters that it is working towards a world where there is no animal cruelty or abuse. They show pictures documenting animal abuse on farms and in homes, simply for the purpose of pulling on your heartstrings and taking more money from your pockets to line theirs. The HSUS does not currently, and has never, operated an animal shelter anywhere in the U.S., and donates less than 5% of their income to that cause. In fact, they care so little about animals in shelters if you were to visit their website, their “Adopt a Shelter Pet” campaign is one of the last on their list.

One of their top campaigns, however, is “End Factory Farming”. People donate to this campaign because they are under the impression that their dollars go to saving farm animals from abuse on factory farms. What is a factory farm? According to the HSUS, a factory farm is any farm that is owned by a corporation. I’ve got news for you – factory farms don’t exist! 99% of the farms in the U.S. are family owned and operated, and as for the other 1%, I don’t know of any farm that ships animals around on conveyors to be assembled. Isn’t that what a factory is?

Some people think that the HSUS are new to trying to pass legislation, and they underestimate the power that they hold. Prior to targeting Ohio Ag, HSUS tried and succeeded to pass legislation in California. Prop 2, an agriculture-regulating constitutional amendment, included several regulations for large industries – specifically, chicken farming, and hog farming.

HSUS pushed their ideals of one chicken per cage, with enough room to spread their wings. Eventually, all chicken farms would be converted to cage free. The problem is, it’s not really what chickens want. They are herd-instinct animals, which means they want to be close together. In a cage-free environment, studies have shown that chickens are more prone to disease and to killing each other.

As per hog farming, Prop 2 targeted the use of farrowing crates in sows. For those that don’t know, pregnant sows are placed in farrowing crates to prevent them from lying down on top of or even eating their piglets during or close after birth. However, HSUS pleaded to the public that if we don’t cage up our pets so they can’t turn around, why should farmers? Of course, the purpose of the crates was left out of the publicity. Therefore, farrowing crates will eventually be phased out of California hog production as well.


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