The Garden Bears Fruit! Canning Time!

I ended up having to take a week off to take my sister down to Florida for school since my dad was sick. Because of this, the garden got a little out of hand. But it is still producing like nobody’s business! Since it hadn’t been looked at in a week we had a lot of things that were rotten or too big. However, this was from one picking and this doesn’t even include everything that was ready! I went and picked more the next day! 539647_10153104874435290_1427210389_nWe had a ton of tomatoes and green beans. Even a few peppers and cucumbers! The melons are still doing really well and I am getting anxious for them to be ready!

While I drove back from Florida, we decided to drive through the Carolina’s instead of Georgia. Right at the edge of the border of South Carolina we stopped and picked up lots and lots of peaches to take home. So not only do we have more tomatoes than we can eat but we have more peaches than we can eat too! So my grandma and I got started on our canning process. So far we have made 8 pints of salsa, 4 pints of tomato juice, 2 quarts and 6 pints of canned peaches and 4 quarts of frozen peaches! AHH! But we had so much fun.

Tomatoes were first. Since we were making salsa and juice we started with the tomatoes and then added items to some of the juice for the salsa. 1004517_10153108575230290_211872227_n  998791_10153108574765290_2069393119_n







969393_10153108575135290_1927556980_n 971435_10153108575000290_1313878394_n







Then we had lots of cans to put together! Here are a few of the salsa.995770_10153108574555290_350545783_n

Next step, peaches! We had some trouble deciding to can or freeze. So we did both! 1001227_10153108574250290_369019003_n933943_10153108574045290_1881669922_n






Even Murray, my grandma’s cat decided to help some! He crawled up into the peach basket after we peeled them all!548983_10153108574460290_1076997844_n

We came out with beautiful, yummy peaches ready to freeze and canned! We had a lot of fun and preserved a lot of delicious fresh produce. Now we can enjoy them for months to come!



2 thoughts on “The Garden Bears Fruit! Canning Time!

  1. I would love your salsa recipe, if it’s easy 🙂 I have a TON of tomatoes that I would love to make salsa with but this would be the first time I have done anything like that…

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