Garden 2013 – We have green tomatoes!

Lately, the weather has been perfect for growing produce. We have had plenty of rain, good cool evenings and sunny days! Because of the rain, the garden has been really wet and hard to get into to hoe all the weeds properly. But we do what we can with what we have. Everything has really shot up in the last two weeks. Here are some updated pictures.

The tomatoes have really grown a lot. Our neighbor brought us some new heirloom tomato plants since we let him borrow the tractor. So we planted yet again, more tomatoes! We will have so many we won’t know what to do with them. We also started transplanting the small cherry tomatoes into the garden. Here are some of the bigger plants looking good for their photo-op.

image_3We officially have some of our first green tomatoes on our plants! It is very exciting to finally see the fruit.
image_4The green beans, which if you haven’t already figured out are my FAVORITE, are also looking great. The right two rows are the first planting of the beans and the left row is one of the second planting rows. We are doing a third planting as soon as it dries up. The second crop are finally starting to come up!
photoRadishes are looking fantastic and will probably be ready to eat by my next post. My grandma is really looking forward to that!
image_1Celery has really popped up and is starting to spread out.
image_6The cucumbers have just tripled in size! This is from the first planting of cucumbers. They are looking fantastic!
imageThe pepper plants are really getting tall. Looking really strong.image_5Cabbage anyone? Our cabbage plants are starting to spread out a little and are getting taller slowly.
image_8Our carrots have finally come out to look at the world. Still hard to see with all the weeds, but it is just too wet to pull the weeds out without getting the roots of the carrots.
image_2Finally we have our melons, don’t they look fantastic? After Mr. Bunny and Mawma had their discussion, no more melons have been breakfast.
image_7There y have it. My bi weekly update! Next time I post, I hope we have radishes and I hope we have have flowers on our cucumbers. The raspberries should also have some color to them by then! Stay tuned.



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