Garden is Growing

So last night before the rains came in, I wanted to make sure that everything in the garden got fertilized again. I haven’t had a chance to go out in the last week and I was happily surprised by how most everything has come along! Unfortunately most of the melons had been eaten by a rabbit, I think. So I will have to go get some more of those and try again!

The good thing is everything else is looking fantastic for as late as we got everything planted. Even our fruit trees and raspberry bushes are looking good this year!

The peppers are already producing small peppers! Hopefully we will be able to get enough peppers for our salsa and maybe a few for my grandma to enjoy!  photoThe cucumbers have grown tremendously since we first planted them! They are all looking good as well! When I was little I loved pickles and hated cucumbers. Now I am very content to have a nice cold cucumber with some ranch dressing as a snack and I cannot wait to have some fresh, flavorful ones that the garden produces!image_2Since I was a little girl, my father has always made us eat a “green” vegetable for dinner. It wasn’t dinner without one to him. There were many that I did not like. However, one of my all time favorites are green beans! Especially fresh out of the garden green beans! This year I intend to do three different plantings of beans so that I have them all summer long. This is part of the first crop coming up to meet the sun! imageOur carrots have not popped up to meet the sun yet, however, the radishes are out like crazy! I am not a huge radish person but my grandma loves them. So these are for her!image_1Some of our tomatoes are bigger than the others. We wanted to plant some that we could enjoy soon and then some we could have the rest of the season and for canning. This is the row of the taller ones. To the right, you can’t really see in this picture, but the smaller ones are also looking good!image_6This is our baby apple tree. We just planted it last year and it already looks like an apple tree. Not that we will actually get anything to eat off of it this year but it sure looks good!image_4My dad is a huge fan of raspberries. Several years ago for his birthday my sisters and I bought him several 2 year old bushes. The produced that first year and have since. However, the summer my grandma got sick, they took a back seat and the weeds took over several of them. I have brought a few bushes back to life and new ones have started up from the old roots. Here is one of the ones I brought back to life. Last year it maybe had 10 raspberries all season. This year it already has more than 10 raspberries started! I am so excited it is back up and producing!image_5So the garden is doing really well so far. Since we got it in so late, it will be a while before we actually get any produce. But I cannot wait until we do! Yummy, nothing better than homegrown produce!


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