Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

My sister, Caroline, was about to make me an Aunt! She knew I had always planned on making my baby nursery all about Winnie the Pooh (okay, I admit, I do have a little bit of a Pooh Bear obsession). So when she asked me if I minded if she also did her nursery in Winnie the Pooh – my immediate answer was “Of course not!” Deep down, I was thinking, this means I have full permission to do a Winnie the Pooh baby shower, right? She had no idea just how much fun this planning process was going to be.

I, sadly, started planning for this baby shower as soon as I got past the “I DO’s” for my own wedding! I had so much fun planning it, it didn’t even seem like I spent 5 months on and off planning it! In a way, it was a dream come true!

She sent me her guest list of 100, and I began the process of putting the details together! Invites were the obvious place to start. Since I create my own things frequently, and I just got through wedding planning (Save the Dates, Invites AND Thank You Cards) I was a pro at knowing when companies did the big sales for printing. After Thanksgiving is ALWAYS prime time to do so. This meant, I needed to get these designed and ready to order ASAP.

With invites done and ready to mail, now came the fun part! Food preparation!! I came up with a list of all the characters from the 100-Acre Woods and then started racking my brain for possible food items to go with each. I came up with items for everyone, but Caroline decided against some of them (Such as Owl’s Wings being boneless wings) because she didn’t like them. Plus, I had WAY too much food on the initial list for 100 people :).

Tigger’s Tails were a must! Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. The kids who came especially enjoyed these. My husband was also excited when I brought home a bag of the few leftover for him to enjoy!1

Roo’s Rattle Cheeseball was next! My sister’s mother-in-law is known for her cheeseball. Therefore, EVERY event we have, this cheeseball is a requirement. So how to you work cheeseball into a Pooh Bear themed baby shower? Make it in the shape of a baby rattle! Since we did the gender reveal at the shower, we did one blue and one pink ribbon!3

Kanga’s Kabobs! These rainbow inspired fruit kabobs were the next specialty on my list. (sorry for the bad photo, I put my mom in charge of the camera, hehe). All of Caroline’s favorite fruits on one kabob. You have to have fruit at a baby shower, you have to have the mommy’s favorite fruit, even if it is odd like KIWI! Since I couldn’t find anything to go with “Fruit”, and I couldn’t find anything for “Kanga” I put the fruit on a stick and BAM Kanga’s Kabobs were born. Much to my father and husband’s dismay. They aren’t as easy to put together as one may think!2

Even though no one typically thinks about Christopher Robin being a 100 Acre Woods character, I had to include him. Eggs went well with the last name Robin, so we rocked the deviled eggs!4

Pooh Bear is always my priority. Mommy has loved pickles since she was a little girl (we use to drink the juice from the jar with a straw!!). So Pooh’s Pickles seemed like the perfect fit. Since we only like dill, I thought I also better include a few sweet ones for those odd people who won’t eat a dill pickle :)!5

Rabbit and veggies goes perfectly together, right!? Always worried about his garden, this Vegetable Garden was the perfect food item for Rabbit’s character.6

Heffalump’s became a character at the very end of my childhood. But because I love meatballs so much, I needed something to go with them. I couldn’t list a character I LIKED as their “droppings” so I thought Heffalumps worked perfect for our delicious meatballs!8

As a cupcake baker, decided on flavors became difficult for me. I knew I wanted to bring the honeybee into the picture somewhere, so I went with bee cupcakes. This limited my flavor options drastically because of the colors needed. So I went with a chocolate cupcake and vanilla frosting with one and a yellow cake and chocolate frosting for the other. Simple but beautiful for this shower! I also wanted to do a Pooh Honey cupcake, but I chose to reign myself in :). All recipes on my cupcake list!1112

Drinks? So important for any shower! We had water pitchers labeled “Gopher’s Watering Hole” for those who didn’t want the typical shower punch. Since we didn’t do the gender reveal, I decided to go with two colors, around two characters. Piglet’s Punch was an orange, cranberry, lemon flavored punch. Eeyore’s Gloomy Day Punch was blue raspberry and lemonade flavor. Both delicious!10

I had the most fun with my reveal cake for the baby! This was a new recipe that I made specifically for the mommy-to-be! I will try and get that posted soon. It was a strawberry cake (made with real strawberries!) with a lemon-honey glaze on top. It was filled with pink Hershey Kisses to reveal the baby is a girl! This cake was in the shape of a bee hive to go with the theme!


The guestbook was so much fun! I designed a fingerprint guestbook around the theme and had it printed on canvas. Then I made it into something they can easily hang in the nursery. The instructions were simple, guests put their fingerprint on the tree and wrote their name in the color they thought the gender of the baby was going to be!16guestbook-2

Because Old Wives Tales and the Don’t Say Baby games are always so much fun, I included these as well for the day.

For the games, I simple designed a simple Pooh Bear background for all of them and put my information over the background. We did your typical games like Price is Right, Who Knows Mommy Best, Baby Candy Game, etc. I also used this wooden ladder below for a game called “Baby Brain.” This is similar to “What was the Bride wearing” for wedding showers. Most people thought this was decor, but mid-way through the shower, I removed this ladder and asked people to tell me what items were on this ladder. Some didn’t even notice it was there and others guessed most of the items!


Table decor was pretty simple! I used my own collection for decor :). This is what I was telling you about early, my slight obsession. poohs.jpg

I put some babys breath in a mason jar and one Pooh per table made for the centerpiece. I also had some of our family’s farm grown honey put in small jars with a cute little tag about the “Mommy to Bee”. Some real china plates and silverware (thanks to my wedding) and the table was complete!18

The rocker was put in place and ready for the mommy-to-be to open her presents! What a great shower we had!


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