NASCAR Experience

I have never been one for NASCAR Races. However,  I have always been on who LOVES fast cars and loud engines! I had the opportunity this past week to not only get in a NASCAR, but to start it and rev the engine!2 1The first part was to get in the car! This really is not as easy as they drivers make it look! It takes quite a bit of strength and flexibility!3

Next was understanding what all of the switches meant. IMG_3625

This wasn’t as easy as you may think. There are LOTS of switches and buttons inside there!IMG_3627Next was starting up one of the engines and turning the ignition.IMG_3631Then you turn on the second engine and rev that baby up!IMG_3629Turning it off is about as difficult as turn it on too! Surprisingly, right before you shut the engines off you have to floor the accelerator then switch the engine off immediately! IMG_3630

It was so insanely loud in the car but it was one of the coolest experiences I have had. How many people can say they have had the opportunity to do that? I now can count myself in that minority!


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