Fresh Salsa Recipe

So after my last post, many have requested my recipe for my fresh salsa. It is hard to pinpoint an exact recipe because it is so up to individual taste buds. But I think this is a good foundation for you to get started with!

  • Blend up roughly 3-3.5 pints (6-7 cups) of tomatoes.We use the tomatoes that are less juicy for the salsa because we also make tomato juice. But whatever tomatoes you have will work fine. Some people don’t peel their tomatoes before blending. I do. but you don’t have to. It adds a bit of texture to the salsa. So that is a personal decision!1170709_10153108574865290_901096163_n
  • 1004517_10153108575230290_211872227_n969393_10153108575135290_1927556980_nAdd the tomato mixture to a large pot. Leave about 1/3 of the blender full of some tomato mixture. Then add 1 small bell pepper (green is less heat, red is more heat), add 1 jalapeno pepper (without the seeds, just the outside), and add 1/2-3/4 large white onion (this is also personal preference).
    • If you want it hotter add more of either pepper, if you want more texture and chunky salsa add more onions and blend tomatoes less. I like less chunky so I blend it up pretty good.
  • After everything in the blender has been blended to your preference, add this to the tomato mixture in the pot. Put on stove top and start cooking on high. Cook on high until it boils all the way. Make sure you stir so it doesn’t stick too much.998791_10153108574765290_2069393119_n
  • Once it boils well, I taste it. I typically add sugar to my mixture because my tomatoes are never sweet enough. I also sometimes add a little garlic and lime juice. All depends on how the tomatoes richness comes out when you cook it. If you add anything to the mixture, stir well again and boil once more.
  • Then just can the mixture while it is still boiling hot. (make sure your jars are preheated with some hot water or the glass will break). 995770_10153108574555290_350545783_n

A lot of this is very personal preference based. Once you get the foundation just play with it until you are happy! Hope this helps!


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