Europe leads to a New Beginning

I have had an amazing summer. On June 12th, I walked through the horseshoe at The Ohio State University to receive the degree I worked three hard years for. I officially became a graduate with a degree in agricultural communications. It was then time to start my new life. I was no longer a college student. I was a real world big kid!

My parents had told me if I could graduate a year early, that they would take me to Europe. So at the end of June, my mother, father and I boarded our first flight to Belgrade, Serbia. We finally arrived in Belgrade where Jana, our foreign exchange student from a few years ago, picked us up! She showed us her country and then she traveled with us as we continued our trek through Europe. We visited Rome, Pisa, and northern Italy. Then we went to Broc, Gruyeres, and Interlaken Switzerland! We also saw things like Swarovski Crystal World among other sites in Austria. We hit the Fairy-Tale road in Germany and made our way to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We finally ended in Paris, France. It was a trip of a lifetime. Pushing for a degree in 3 years was worth every bit of struggle!


At the end of our trip, we received news that my grandmother was in the hospital and having a pretty serious surgery. When we got back she was still in ICU and remained there for almost a week. After that week, there was another week on the main floor of the hospital. Then she was at home and I was with her all the time to care for her and do anything and everything she needed. I loved spending time with her, and while caring for her I realized that God had a plan for me. Her getting sick and needing me was exactly why I did not have a job yet. She needed me and HE knew that.

Slowly, Mawma got better and better and more and more independent. Then I received the phone call I had been waiting on since graduation, I finally had someone saying YES to me. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation wanted to hire me on as an Organizational Director for 5 counties; Perry, Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield and Hocking.  I had done 3 interviews with them among many other interviews with other organizations. OFBF is where I wanted to work and this is where my new path has led me.

I officially start with OFBF next Monday! I am hunting for somewhere to live now and I am preparing for my new beginning. It is amazing how no matter what we think we know, He always knows what is best and when that is best. God ALWAYS answers our prayers. He either says Yes, No or not now. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open and keep our faith strong. Now I am on a path that is full of everything I have ever wanted in a job! Every passion I have in life is something I will get to do as an OD. Now it is time to officially start my NEW BEGINNING!


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