Kasich praises Agriculture in his State of the State

So I don’t know how many of you follow politics closely and if any of you even watched Governor Kasich’s State of the State. However, if you did, you would be proud to be in the agricultural industry in our great state.
He has so many ideas that revolve around farmers and small ag businesses. It is about time someone starts paying attention to our state’s number one industry.

By far my favorite quote of the whole hour of the speech was:

“I’ve asked Jim Zehringer to think about agriculture in a completely different way. How many agribusinesses can we get? How many 21st Century products can we develop? And how do we think about ethanol when we have increasing dependence on countries like Libya and Venezuela to provide us our fuel? So we’re thinking about agriculture in an entirely different way,” he said. “It can be great prosperity. And here’s the thing about agriculture, it’s not your old man’s tractor anymore. It’s technology. It’s GPS. It’s weather patterns. It’s you’re your own boss and you fall in love with the good earth. There’s something about it that’s soulful and spiritual. And we need to recognize our farmers for the great work they have done. And it can allow us to touch the rest of the world through the ability to export and find new markets.”

Thank goodness someone is finally paying attention to what industry will keep our state alive!


2 thoughts on “Kasich praises Agriculture in his State of the State

  1. I didn’t get to watch it because I was working. BUT, Rep. Dave Hall did mention it when he came to visit after the State of the State Address.

    It’s great to know that agriculture is finally be recognized!

  2. Our animal science extension staff just met with Secretary of Agriculture today at ODA. It was quite productive and we too felt as if agriculture has been lifted to a new status. More updates to follow, but we must assist them in the education process. One good thing is that we were able to encourage this staff to attend our Scarlet and Gray Ag Day. Look for a strong presence.

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