Oprah’s One Week Challenge- Help Educate Others!


This is a great blog. So many people just think that not eating animal products will make you vegan – even if just for a week. Oprah did not do her research before she decided to try to make such a statement. Being a vegan for a week also includes not using ANY animal products, including tires and most shoes. How is she going to travel around in her nice cars and fancy limousines without tires?  Or walk around in her fancy clothes without fabric or shoes?

So many people in our world think that doing something like this helps educate people on our world. In reality, they are not educating our world but they are actually giving out more false information.
As an individual with as much power on people’s opinions as Oprah has, you would think she would do better research before promoting something like this. I agree with the individual who wrote this blog. I think Oprah needs to spend a week in the lives of farmers around the country. Right now would be a perfect time for that too. How many people are as diligent as farmers when the weather is so bad only cops are allowed on the roads? Maybe if she saw just how farms really do work, she will respect the items agriculture helps create.


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