New Euthanasia Proposition……Not Much Opposition

The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board has recently released Euthanasia standards for livestock and poultry. These standards help define euthanasia standards for each animal. The proposed standards were decided among the board, which consists of local farmers, agricultural business people and animal welfare organizations and supporters.

As I have been interviewing people for an article I am writing on the proposed standards, I have found that so far there is not much opposition. The board did a great job at getting opinions from all sides before releasing standards on such a hot topic. It is vital that the board pleases the consumer as well as the producer and this is not an easy task.

With there being very litttle opposition to the proposed standards, I would say that passing Issue 2 last year was a great move Ohioans! With people on the current board such as the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Dean of Ohio State’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences, as well as local veternarians, farmers and animal welfare activists, these standards should be and in my opinion are well rounded standards.

I talked with a local hog farmer yesterday about the standards. He said that he feels like it is a great compromise because everything is helpful to producers and consumers. It allows producers to have guidelines and it allows consumers to feel a little better about how their food is treated before the animals are harvested


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