Backbone of Ohio

Republicans are celebrating this week as they welcome their party back into power in the State of Ohio.  Republican candidate John Kasich beat current governor and democratic candidate Ted Strickland in the race for governor.  What does this change in power mean for the future of agriculture?  While rallying for support, Kasich visited many agricultural communities and let the people in the community know that he supports agriculture.  In fact, he has said that agriculture is “the backbone of Ohio’s economy.”  His political platform is to “strengthen agriculture in Ohio” by “expanding exports of Ohio’s agricultural products” and “eliminating the estate tax so farms can stay in the family” as well as others.  Kasich is also “pro business” and he stated “that small farm owners are the sharpest, smartest business people you will find anywhere.”  From his campaigning, it seems that the agriculture industry might grow stronger in the coming years if Kasich holds true to his campaign promises.   Hopefully Kasich does continue to support agriculture and continues to believe that “agriculture is the backbone of Ohio’s economy.”


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