No Farmers No Food

In every area of the agricultural industry, farmers are worse off than they use to be. A prime example of this is the dairy industry.

This article is just one example of how the dairy industry is struggling in one county. When farmers are not breaking even, how can our country think that the farmers can stay in business? With all of the animal right activists and organizations pushing new rules and regulations, having a dairy farm is getting more and more difficult. Even farms that have been around for generations are struggling to stay in the business because of money issues. Gas prices are also decreasing what the farmer gets for their milk. A quote from this article clearly puts it that you either get big or get out. Otherwise you won’t survive. This isn’t how agriculture is and this isn’t how agriculture should be forced to be.

As agricultural communicators, it is our job to get out there and promote the industry, to help our farmers, and to keep small farms in business. With the economy as bad as it is and with the newest regulations for our industry, making a living on a farm is not easy. It is up to us to try and make a difference.


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