Animal and Human Interaction

So I was looking for an article for an animal science class today and realized that when you Google animal and human interaction 90% of the articles that come up in the news are all bad. Why is this so? I think that it is because people only are concerned with the bad now that PETA and MFA are working around our state making our hardworking, honest farmer’s look bad. Why can’t there be stories about the improvements in the animal production industry? The article I found that was positive today was about how pets are allowing people to exercise more and become healthier. I understand pets are fun. They are a great thing to have. However, the animal and human interaction our country should be concerned with is the food we eat. There are organizations out there trying to turn this world around to have no meat production at all. We can’t live like that. We need more people putting out positive articles on OUR farmers that produce OUR food for OUR bodies.


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